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The Best Fantasy Sports Experience Online

Fantasy Bulletin was designed for sports fanatic by sports fanatics!

We love playing fantasy football but got tired of losing due to late injury updates, making bad waiver choices, and not finding the right sleeper picks. Instead of constantly having to check across dozens of websites for updates, let Fantasy Bulletin bring the sports data to you!

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Stop worrying about looking everywhere to find the best sports data. We do the work and bring the results to you.

Expert Insight

We've grouped together a collection of the best insiders from Sports Illustrated, Yahoo sports, ESPN, and more so you have the best insight to make the best choices.

Easy To Use

Fantasy Bulletin doesn’t require you to sign up on any other websites and brings the latest fantasy data direct to your browser.

Made by Sports Fanatics

We're proud that Fantasy Bulletin makes playing fantasy football easier and more fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fantasy Bulletin?

Fantasy Bulletin is a browser extension that is designed to display the very best sports data. With Fantasy Bulletin installed, you'll get experts' insights right on your new tab page.

How do I use Fantasy Bulletin?

Just browse the internet as you normally do. When you want updates on fantasy football news, make a new tab and see an up-to-date Twitter feed full of useful information.

How much does Fantasy Bulletin cost?

Nothing, and we will never charge users. We're proud of how our extension can help you win your fantasy league or daily fantasy competition and want everyone to try it.

How do I get Fantasy Bulletin?

Simply click on the 'Install Now' button on the top navigation, or the 'Install Now' button on the home page, and after a few simple steps, you'll be enjoying the ultimate search experience!

Does Fantasy Bulletin store user information?

Fantasy Bulletin does not store personal information or browsing habits.

What browsers does Fantasy Bulletin run with?

Fantasy Bulletin is currently compatible with Google Chrome.

How do I uninstall Fantasy Bulletin?

To uninstall, please go to Chrome's preferences, then extensions. From there you can hide or delete any extension. You can find more information on Google's official instructions.

Terms and Conditions

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